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Airi Mashiro Buried In Her Ass


This is a beautiful woman, Ari Mashiro with outstanding eyes and a great style, and I would like to introduce a work that makes a difference just by thinking that she is a colleague. Airi-chan, who tries to say something during office work, notices that her sleeping face is cute even though her boss tries not to look at it. As a matter of fact, the boss who can not stand the erotic of the sleeping subordinate reaches out to Airi’s body. Her boss escalated to her who was surprised but did not resist so much. You can take off your underwear and blame the beautiful shaved pussy with intense cunnilingus. Airi-chan, who has been turned on by the sex toys, feels like being tossed by her toys, and her boss’s crotch! Two people who do not know to stop inserting on the desk! It may be unavoidable that I can’t stand it when I’m alone with such a beautiful subordinate at work.

Actress: Airi Mashiro