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APNS-063 I Was Trained In Front Of My Younger Brother… I’M Falling Into A Slave … Akari Mitani


APNS-063 I Was Trained In Front Of My Brothers Eyes 弟の目の前で調教された私…M奴隷に堕ちてゆきます… 美谷朱里

Shuri works as the president’s secretary. One day, her younger brother Shinji reaches out to a yakuza woman, and Shinji and Shuri are abducted. Before dropping what her younger brother did, Shuri was laid down by the yakuza. She continues to have sexual intercourse over and over again, and Shuri falls into a sexual slave. Shinji, who was watching her sister, was excited by her real sister, and she decided to go into the gangster and participate in her actions. Betrayed by her younger brother, Shuri loses her hope of living …

Actress: Akari Mitani