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ATID-437 Beauty Waitress Raped By Middle-Aged – Yukina Shida


Free JAV HD Online ATID-437 Yukina Shida Waitress Raped By Middle-Aged お父さんよりも年上のおじさんに犯●れた事を、バイト仲間の川上さんに相談したらものすごく悔しがって… 志田雪奈

Food poisoning occurred in a small restaurant where Yukina works, and she will be suspended for business… Although I managed to restart the business, the reputation damage was more than expected and the number of customers was drastically reduced. Most of the employees have left, and only Yukina and Kokashi Kawakami, who is in charge of the hall, are left. One day, Yukina is entrusted with training the newly hired hall staff. However, the newcomer was a retired middle-aged man who was older than Yukina’s father.

Actress: Yukina Shida