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BBAN-284 The Female Undercover Investigation Officer Was Captured By A Lesbian In Pursuit Of An Underground Loan Shark Transaction And A Missing Person Case!


JAV Online Streaming BBAN-284 Female Undercover Investigators Trapped by Lesbians Couple レズビアンに囚われた女潜入捜査官Special ~闇の金融取引と謎の失踪事件を追え!~ Eimi Fukada, Yuri Sasahara

Maria Nagai, sweaty cum with lesbian ban! Women who are in trouble with financing raise illegal interest rates and end up with a mysterious disappearance… In the midst of such rumours, Investigation Department 1 finally gained influential information about the dark gold. Based on the testimony, elite detective Maria Nagai challenges this dark incident…! Against the deadliest lesbians, justice investigators will fall into pleasure and climax! Popular investigator series by a luxurious cast!