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BGN-061 Rookie Prestige Exclusive Debut Overwhelmingly Beautiful Girl


Free Sex BGN-061 Umi Yakake AV Debut 新人 プレステージ専属デビュー

A 20-year-old beautiful girl Umi Yakake who gives off an overwhelming sense of transparency has entered the AV world as a prestige exclusive actress! A beautiful girl who left some childhood exposes her bare skin in front of the camera. Amidst a mixture of tension and anxiety, the first shot started surrounded by a large number of staff. Caress the whole body with a gentle touch, overlap the lips and entangle the tongue gently, and the nasty stains will bleed into the underwear. When the hairless pubic area that has been exposed by shifting the underwear is stirred with a finger, the body trembles while leaking the tide. When the delicate body is pierced violently, I get drunk with the cum many times while tightening the meat stick! An absolutely beautiful girl with immeasurable eros descends to Prestige in search of an unknown stimulus!


Actress: Umi Yakake