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BGN-067 Rookie Moe Tokita Prestige Exclusive Debut


BGN-067 Moe Tokita AV Debut 新人 プレステージ専属デビュー

Smooth white skin, natural E-cup bust, pale pink nipples. A beautiful girl “Moe Tokita” who belongs to a former popular idol group makes her debut exclusively for Prestige! She also participated in the world’s largest idol festival a few years ago and was very popular at her live venue. When she was an idol, she exposed her naked body and naughty face that she could never see. Contrary to her lovely face that leaves her childhood, the body of an adult is revealed when she takes off her clothes. When she caresses her plump beauty big tits, she blushes her face and reacts shyly with a jerk. Her girlfriend is filled with love juice in a blink of an eye, and when she inserts a erected chick in a beautiful crack, she cums many times while tightening with her narrow vagina! A miracle absolute beautiful girl “Moe Tokita” who can’t help but love is wrapped in unprecedented excitement on a new stage!

Actress: Moe Tokita