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BGN-068 Rookie Mugi Kobato Prestige Exclusive Debut


BGN-068 Mugi Kobato AV Debut 新人 プレステージ専属デビュー

22-year-old active beauty nursery teacher “Mugi Kobato” debuts exclusively from Prestige! !! He usually works as a childcare worker who watches over the growth of children, and is popular with both children and parents for his beauty and smiles that everyone longs for! For the first time, she decided to expose her bare skin in public. She has fresh and transparent white skin, a feminine body line, and a G-cup beauty big breasts that give off a strong presence. Carefully caressing her lustful body and disturbing her pubic area with her fingers, a nasty sound of water echoes, and a large amount of tide overflows. She reaches the limit of patience and she begs for insertion with a sweet voice. When she is violently pierced to the back of her, she sways her big tits up, down, left, and right and reaches the climax for the first time! !! The uncontrollable sex appeal of the unfussy naive beautiful girl “Kobato Mugi” is unleashed!

Actress: Mugi Kobato