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CAWD-170 Both Breasts And Omako Make Their Debut In Tension! Yuzu Hasegawa


JAV Online CAWD-170 Hasegawa Yuzuki AV Debut 薬学部で猛勉強中!スタイル抜群の高学歴グラドル卵がエッチな事も学びたくてAV解禁!!オッパイもオマ○コも丸出しでド緊張デビュー! 長谷川柚月

AV ban on active gravure female college student “Yuzu Hasegawa” who is struggling to study pharmacy and work as a gravure idol (egg) for her future dreams! Keep calm at your own pace. I’m not good at expressing emotions, but I decided to appear on AV because I wanted to learn naughty things! Blessed tall legs of 168 cm! It looks like I’m not nervous at all, and the first sex of my heart is switched on at once when I touch my pussy! The pant voice that gets caught many times and spills small is a debut work that makes you love it!

Actress: Hasegawa Yuzuki