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DTT-068 Active Elementary School Teacher Teacher Big Breasts Married Woman Kasumi Morishita AV Debut


Japanese Sex DTT-068 Kasumi Morishita Elementary Teacher AV Debut 現役小学校担任教諭 爆乳人妻 森下かすみ AV好きの夫に捧ぐAVデビュー!! 教え子には絶対見せられない絶頂・潮吹き・暴れ乳

Kasumi Morishita 30 years old. As an active elementary school teacher, I take care of children every day. It is said that she got married to her husband who works at a construction company because of her good sex compatibility. Even now, the marital relationship is good, and for her husband who likes AV, he volunteered to appear in AV saying “I want you to masturbate.” Shooting started while feeling nervous and embarrassed about sex surrounded by many staff. Tuck up your clothes and reveal you’re proud plump F-cup. When the nipple is flipped with a finger and the breast is gently rubbed, a pant voice is leaked while writhing. When the wet pubic area is disturbed with your fingers, it cums while spouting shame! When a warping meat stick is screwed in and the inside of the vagina is violated by a violent piston, it is wrapped in the pleasure that I have never felt before. Exposing the nasty nature that can never be shown to students in front of the camera!


Actress: Kasumi Morishita