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GGEN-004 A Weird Sound Which Hypnotizes Woman To Be A Breeder Of Semen


GGEN-004 Gets Hypnotic Rattle That Can Amplify Motherhood Infinitely 母性を無限増幅できる催ガラガラをゲッツ!健康優良不良少女の妹に使ってみたら… Mion Hazuki, Hazuki Reira, Hina Nanase

I got a great item! At first glance, the rattles that care for babies who have nothing strange. However, Suguremono can be brainwashed with alpha waves that can only be heard by women who come out of this item. All the girls who listened to this sound felt comfortable and their motherhood developed rapidly. After brainwashing, you will recognize the first opposite sex you see as your child! No, let me be my mom for the rest of my life.