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HND-515 Rookie Active Female College Student “I Just Want To Do A Lot Of Sex”


Akari Hoshina HND515 新人 現役女子大生 「とにかくいっぱいイってみたいです…」1カ月間、彼氏とのSEXを断わり続けて禁欲させて、撮影まで極限まで感度を高めた後、連続オーガズムと中出しで快楽堕ち AVデビュー!! 星奈あかり

I thought that AV shooting wouldn’t be cheating … Akari has a boyfriend who has been dating for three years. What is the reason why she appears in AV? I thought it was bad for him, but he’s boring to walk on the laid rails, and he loves sex more than anything else ♪ So I’m on AV. I told her a month of her abstinence and decided to meet again. Creampie in a sensitive pussy with continuous orgasm! AV debut that releases the sensitivity that has been raised to the limit from abstinence!

Actress: Akari Hoshina