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I Got Sick Of Her Glasses Sakuno Kanna


Kanna Sakuno – My Glasses-wearing GF Made Me Become Horny.
My proud girlfriend, citrus. She is beautiful and has a great style, and I have nothing to say, but she is a little bit sick at this time. Even if I’m with you, it’s not exciting yet, but isn’t the atmosphere different today? Oh, maybe because of the black-rimmed glasses! Hmmm, when I was looking at citrus fruits that I had never seen before, I got horny, it seems like I’m at work, but let’s play a prank! Nipple connection with a well-shaped breast protruding from the bra. Oh, I feel like a citrus guy. Well, let’s blame O * nko next time! Oh, I’m completely lustful, citrus. Eh, I’m good at work, so why don’t I have sex? Okay! But don’t take off your glasses! Because it seems that my face is very unpleasant to A through glasses!

Actress: Kanna Sakuno