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IPX-186 Manami Oura, A One-Time Av Debut In Her Life… A Real Female Teacher


IPX-186 Real Female Teacher Manami Oura AV Debut 「人生ずっと真面目に生きてきました。でも今日だけは悪い子になります…。」 本物女教師人生で一度きりのAVデビュー 大浦真奈美

Manami Oura, 23 years old. A new female teacher who starts as a teacher at an elementary school sunny this spring. Before she got to the podium, she wanted to say, “I want to do as much sex as I want to forget my past experiences.” At first, there were conflicts such as nervousness and disappointment, but as the shooting progresses, he shows a bold appearance. Finally, I told myself, “I will cut my hair, change my makeup, and work hard as a teacher. Thank you.”


Actress: Manami Oura