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JRZD-953 Fifty Year Old Chiho Ayase AV Debut


JAV JRZD-953 Fifty Age Wife Chiho Ayase First Shooting Document AV Debut

I became impatient at the age of 50 … Chiho Ayase, 50. Full-time housewife and mother of two children. Although the marital relationship with her husband in the 24th year of marriage is good, he has a flirtation to make up for the number of activities that have been reduced to once a month. However, it seems that the problem is not the number of times … “It is not that sex is not comfortable but … If you say that you have felt enough to see and hear in magazines …” It was said that he saw a series of works. “Everyone looks really comfortable. I’m confident that I’ve never tasted the pleasure or ‘ecstasy’?” (Laughs) Chiho decided to appear if she would end up without knowing the best pleasure for her whole life San. “I’m looking forward to the actor!” For her who expands her breasts, the actors re-energize and give the best pleasure of life!

Actress: Chiho Ayase