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JRZD-954 First Shooting Fifty Year Old Wife Av Debut Satomi Fueki


JAV JRZD-954 Fifty Years Old Wife Satomi Fueki AV Debut 初撮り五十路妻ドキュメント 笛木さとみ

Satomi Fueki, 50 years old. A full-time housewife who has been married for 25 years in a family of four with her two sons and her husband. “I want a rich and deep pleasure.” It is said that there is a certain situation where an unpleasant desire to burn up in an elegant appearance. “ When the eldest son brought her home around summer, I heard an obscene voice that they had sex. ” For the first time my son’s horny voice and her pant voice, I forgot to be a parent Muramura. “I couldn’t get filled with sex with my husband …” Since then, Satomi has been obsessed with her withered husband and has been looking for a fearless young man. “Let’s spend a lot of time today and love intensely (laughs).”

Actress: Satomi Fueki