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JUFE-212 Record Of Distorted Love 20 Days Of Breeding Training For Busty Schoolgirl Falls Hinata Koizumi


JAV Free JUFE-212 Koizumi Hinata Simple Busty Schoolgirl 歪んだ愛の記録 素朴な巨乳の女学生が堕ちるまでの20日間の飼育調教 小泉ひなた

Hinata is a female student who is kidnapped while running on the night road. When I regained consciousness and woke up, a stranger, Yamada, was staring at Hinata. Yamada gently reminds Hinata who suddenly panics and is upset. “I don’t commit you, I’m not looking for money, I just want true love.” Hina resisted and rebelled, but gradually became attracted to Yamada’s devoted attitude. The distorted love of two people sprouted in a room in a small Boro family apartment …

Actress: Hinata Koizumi