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JUL-019 On A Stormy Rainy Night In The Quiet Of A Silent Office Two Colleagues Having Creampie Squirting


Stormy Silent Office Night With Two My Longing Colleagues Yu Shinoda 暴風雨 静寂なるオフィス 憧れの同僚と二人だけの夜 篠田ゆう

I moved to Tokyo from the Kinki countryside and lived in the storm of society. There were many beautiful people in Tokyo, especially my colleague Shinoda was a longing. And the day when the biggest typhoon comes this year. When I was working overtime late after work, Mr. Shinoda, who got wet, was struck by the rain on the side. It seems that the outside is already down and the train is not moving. In the office at midnight where there is nobody, I will spend time alone with Mr. Shinoda who is wet and transparent …

Actress: Yu Shinoda