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JUL-027 You Shouldn’T See Anything Other Than A Masochist Man


Sadistic Bitch Yuko Shiraki ドM男以外は見てはいけない逆レ×プ話 バイト先の飲み会帰り…終電を逃した僕は、同僚の白木さんの家に泊まらせてもらう事に。旦那は単身赴任中らしく淡い期待を胸に秘めて 向かったのだが、物静かだった白木さんが突如ドS化。嵐のような淫語と痴女責… 白木優子

I missed the last train because I drank too much at a part-time drinking party, but I had no money to go back by taxi and thought I would stay at a manga cafe, but my colleague Shiraki-san stayed with me. Apparently, my husband seemed to be on a business trip, and I was walking down the road with Mr. Shiraki while holding my heart. I have a girlfriend. There was no reason to know that a terrifying experience awaits me so much that I regret such a sweet idea.

Actress: Yuko Shiraki