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JUL-577 Married Woman Secretary, Sexual Intercourse In The President’s Office Full Of Sweat And Kisses From A Female Employee To A Secretary


JUL-577 Ayase Maiko Office Creampie Sex 人妻秘書、汗と接吻に満ちた社長室中出し性交 女子社員から秘書へ…レジェンド美熟女×監督:ながえ初作品!! 綾瀬麻衣子

Shigeru and his wife Maiko were hired by the company of Ozawa, who was a business partner because the construction company they were running went bankrupt due to poor performance. Maiko will work as her secretary, and during the day she will be alone with Ozawa in her president’s office. Ozawa was sick of receiving calls from Maiko all the time, and when she asked her, she was secretly in debt to save her husband’s company. Upon hearing that, Ozawa sent out a rescue boat to Maiko, and instead, she asked for her mistress contract…

Actress: Ayase Maiko