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JUNY-023 Finally Lifted The Ban On The Black Cock! Kanae Kawahara, An Office Lady Who Was Captivated By A Black President


JUNY-023 Kawahara Kanae Office Lady And Black Man 遂に黒い巨根を解禁! 本社から突然やってきた黒人社長の虜になったオフィスレディ 川原かなえ

Kanae Kawahara, who made her debut has finally lifted the ban on black people! One day, there was a lot of talk about a foreign director from the head office becoming the new president. Kanae, who was called by her boss, was ordered to become the secretary of her new president, and she was confused because she couldn’t speak English. And that evening, the new president came and she managed to deal with Kanae, but at that time she was worried about the swelling of his crotch that she noticed and indulged in masturbation.

Actress: Kanae Kawahara