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MIAA-186 Revenge Sex! The Guy Who Was Bullying Me Is Now The Target Of Bullying…


Relentless Rampage Of Revenge Fucking Yui Nagase 立場逆転!僕をイジメていたアイツが今度はイジメのターゲットに… ある日イジメっ子たちに倉庫へ閉じ込められまさかの2人きり!!僕は怒りと性欲が爆発してネチネチと復讐レ×プしてやった。 永瀬ゆい

The bullying side suddenly becomes the target of bullying! ] Yui who belonged to a bad group bullying Yin Cai boys. One day, if you pay attention to the act of being too jealous, you will be out of your friends … And the tragedy occurs at the moment when it becomes the subject of the same bullying as Yin Cai and is confined to mischief and alone. “I’ve always done terrible things to me,” anger and libido exploded and revenge. He falls to the lowest position and gets fucked every day by a hated man …


Actress: Yui Nagase