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MUDR-091 Attackers Authentic Bondage SM Drama Aoi Kururugi


MUDR-091 Uniform Beautiful Girl Aoi Kururugi Snake Bondage Innocent 制服美少女 蛇縛輪● 無垢×アタッカーズ 本格緊縛SMドラマ 枢木あおい

Pure x Attackers Aoi Aoi, who has a strong sense of justice and inherits the old martial art of Kuriki-ryu. One day, she has defeated her classmates. She has been exterminated, and one day she is targeted by men who swear revenge. Semen Covered, Candle Blame, Ikase Hell, And The Rings … A Confined Girl Is Unreasonably Tied By Men’s Contrary, And Continues To Be Humiliated …! ! The attacker’s legendary series “Snake Band ●” is back with pure bondage! ! Authentic SM bondage ring of Aoi Kuriki performance!


Actress: Aoi Kururugi