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MYAB-008 Being Killed By A Whip Whip Contractor Squid Until Warping Shrimp hardcore


Squid Until Warping Shrimp Mika Kurosaki がちむち業者にキレられて…エビ反りするまでイカされて… 黒崎みか

The miserable men who sweated every day at the delivery center in Sakai City, Kashiwa Prefecture had been in trouble since the beginning of the week for luggage addressed to Mika Kurosaki in the city’s Midorigaoka. Re-delivery hell in the absence of no matter how many times you visit for the designated baggage in the morning … The dignified desire that had been exhausted and accumulated in the infinite loop of consecutive nights, day after day, finally broke out into a sassy attitude that the woman who opened the door seemed to be troublesome finally showed at the front door, and sanctions of agony IKASE has begun …!

Actress: Mika Kurosaki