Sex With A Mature Woman Using Honorific Language Yuriko Hosaka


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A mature woman in her 50s, that has a peak of sex appeal! Mr. Yuriko has a rich sex appeal that can only be put out in her 50s. A body that has accumulated experience and aged is a charm that can not be imitated by young people! Honorific sex play that produces vulgar words with elegant honorifics. An abnormal world where you can feel a sense of immorality just by using honorifics. Mr. Yuriko, who is more screaming than I imagined, gives a fellatio so that she can eat it and enjoy it. When I inserted Yi-Po who suddenly got up to Mr. Tomiko who begged “Please put it in”, she exposed the true nature of the female and writhing in agony. The woman is still full of rich sperm for Tomiko, who feels as if she is still in the future. Sucking young man’s extract and exploding erotic!

Actress: Yuriko Hosaka