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SSNI-675 Alumni Association NTR I Won’t Be Taken Down By A Former Boy Who Was Tossed Away From Playing


SSNI-675 Alumni Association NTR Tsukasa Aoi 同窓会NTR 嫁を昔弄んで捨てたクズすぎる元カレにまさか寝取られるなんて… 葵つかさ

I married Tsukasa, my favorite since college. At that time, she was dating Kimura, and was playing with her many times. He conveyed his thoughts to such Tsuka and got married and lived a smooth sailing life. “Kimura-kun is coming, but I feel safe.” It was an alumni refusal that I had refused many times, but my marriage was going well so I decided to let me go. It should be safe even if Kimura comes. I should have come back at the first party, but I haven’t been able to contact me gradually, and I haven’t come back even after midnight.

Actress: Tsukasa Aoi