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SSNI-679 I Pretended To Sleep As My Best Friend Was Having Sex With My Boyfriend. Yura Kano


SSNI-679 Sleeping Right Next To Her Best Friend At Night Yura Kano 川の字で寝ていた彼女が真横で親友に夜●いされているのに寝たふりをする僕。 架乃ゆら

A couple of me and Yura started living together with a casual kick. One day, my best friend came to the house to play, and the worst development came. I heard that I was drunk and sleeping, and the sweet voice of Yura and the piston sound. Ah … I’m sure my best friend is having sex with her … Normally I should stop, but I can only pretend to sleep without courage… And there was myself erecting in Yura who is panting so hard to compare with SEX with me…

Actress: Yura Kano