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SSNI-796 The Teacher Whose Libido Has Exploded Goes Crazy In A Stormy Night


JAV Online Japanese SSNI-796 Crazy School Typhoon Night With Shion Yumi 帰宅困難の生徒と教師が一線を越えて乱れ狂う台風の夜 夕美しおん

A classroom teacher after school who was about to end summer, and a teacher who can guide Yumi’s career that is difficult to decide. However, the typhoon was stronger than I expected, and the speed of advance was faster. And the train stops due to the power outage. Shion and his teacher are unable to go home and decide to spend the night at school. I used to think that I was a girl until now, but the body of my onion … a wet body that reveals her wet uniform. “Teacher, it’s a secret only for two people.” The teacher whose libido has exploded goes crazy in a stormy storm!

Actress: Yumi Shion