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URE-079 Father-In-Law Series Naruto Chuka Adapted Into Live-Action


URE-079 Rio Kuriyama Chuka Naruto Re-live-action.

The “Father-in-law” series (original: Naruto Chuka), which is overwhelmingly popular in comic live-action AV, has been re-live-action by Madonna’s exclusive Rio Kuriyama! !! My father-in-law, Samon Jiro, who secretly diverged while having fierce inferiority to his beautiful bride, Yuriko. However, I can’t control my lust. In vain of her resistance, Yuriko mercilessly loses herself to the stimulation of her cock that digs into her vagina. And by the shameful training of her father-in-law that is performed every day, Yuriko’s body is sexually developed so much that she can not keep her sanity without the pleasure he gives.

Actress: Rio Kuriyama