WANZ-747 My Father-In-Law, Who I Hate, Visits Me At Night


WANZ-747 Hated By My Disliking Father-in-law

After getting married, Mari quit her job and lived a happy married life as a housewife. However, there is one thing I don’t like about Mari, and that is her living with her vulgar stepfather. She doesn’t want to be alone with her father-in-law during the day when her husband isn’t around, so she reluctantly returns to her workplace, but after returning home from work, her father-in-law is the only one at her home. I get tired and fall asleep. Her father-in-law, who found her defenseless girlfriend Mari, took advantage of the fact that her son was not around and played with her young body and raped her. From that day on, her stepfather always raped Mari whenever they were alone…

Actress: Mari Takasugi